Welcome to the Ramirez Roofing FAQ Page

We receive great questions from our customers through the course of our communications. We hope to share many of them here to assist you in finding the right contractor for the right job. No question is too small or trivial and if you don't find it here, call the office at 816-444-1944 and a friendly voice awaits to answer all of your inquiries. ​


Q: How much does Ramirez Roofing charge for an estimate? 
A: Nothing. Zero. Zip. It's free. We never charge to come to the job site and give you an honest evaluation of your roof. If you think your roof needs replaced and we think there is more life left in your roof, we'll tell you. If you call us for a repair estimate and there's a lot more going on up there than you could have imagined, we'll tell you that too and bring you good photos of the actual condition of your roof.

Your home is usually the biggest investment you'll ever make over the course of your life and without a solid roof over it, you risk everything below. Our family has spent 27 years helping protect your family and it all starts with our free inspections.